Non Bank / Specialist Lending

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CDG Finance provides specialist advice on loans that are designed to suit the needs of home buyers, self-employed business owners and PAYG borrowers who are unable to find a financial solution with mainstream banking.

Talk to CDG Finance today about using your mortgage to consolidate debt into one repayment, funding business expenses or expansion, paying ATO tax debts, buying an investment property, or refinancing your existing mortgage.

We are here to discuss your financial situation and to see how we can help you achieve your financial goals sooner rather than later.

  • Recently started a business or new job
  • Don’t have a perfect credit history
  • Have ATO debt you need to pay
  • Have good income but limited deposit or a gifted/inherited deposit
  • Debt consolidation (i.e. personal loans, credit cards, business debt)

Financed with a 2nd tier lender?

At CDG Finance, we are committed to your financial journey. If you are in a situation where your only alternative is a 2nd tier lender OR you currently have a loan with a second tier lender (non bank) with a higher interest rate – and your circumstances have changed enough to enable you to have your situation reassessed, it is our ultimate objective to transition you back to the major banks. We pride ourselves on moving our clients back to mainstream lenders so you can enjoy lower interest rates and in turn have greater peace of mind.